13 Amazing Nashville Residence by Bonadies Architects

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Plenty of amazing Nashville residence samples is accessible through various platforms. There are many aspects that make people interested in these houses. They are not only stylish and having preppy vibe. The houses also feel cozy. The outside looks inviting while the inside makes you want to stay for a long time there. Some examples of the houses would be discussed.

The first one is a two-storey Midwest country house which is perfect for those who do not fancy living in a large space. This house has slightly elevated ground accessible through staircase leading to the front door. The first floor has living room, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. Meanwhile, the three bathroom found in this house are all located in the second floor.

Buyer can also find a classic cottage style house. From outside, the structure looks like it is combined from two different houses with different heights while its front door is placed in the middle. When homeowner enters this amazing Nashville residence sample for the first time, on the right side, there would be a living room with cozy fireplace. There are five bedrooms in the house and two of them are en suite.

This particular house has long structure. Its front door is placed in the middle. When guest enters the house, they would be greeted immediately by a large space for the living room. There are four bedrooms in this residence, two to the right side and two to the left side. The outside of this house has open brick structure.

Another amazing Nashville residence sample with two-storey system is this classic American style. This place maximizes space inside so there is no front porch or anything. Its master bedroom is located at the second floor, at its front part of the house. The first floor is utilized as main activity room while the second floor as sleeping quarter.

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