15+ Best Hawkins Home by Hyrum Bates

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Everybody would love to have the best home in terms of design and comfort. However, what constitutes people’s minds as something stylish and comforting might be different. There are some houses made by an architect that might inspire homeowner in deciding which house style that can fulfill the two aforementioned criteria.

The first house is a classic one storey house inspired by cottages on France. It has an uneven front lawn which adds to the charm of this house. The front windows are big which enable outsider to take little peek toward the inside in addition to get natural lights. There is a small living space right after entering the house through front door. The backside of this house also has big windows which provide perfect view to the backyard. Chimneys are also added since there are several natural fireplaces in the house.

The next best home would be two storeys big house with massive front yard. The yard is left bare and in the middle a walkway leading to house’s front porch is made. This house has a very unique red doors which leads to a quite entry way. There is a space where children can have sleepover together, placed in the attic for an effect. The house has a cozy kitchen space which is directly located near sitting space in the house. There is a large modern pool at the backyard for everyone’s entertainment.

This house is more like the best home to represent American classic. It has a large door leading to a spacious hallway. The hallways is then narrowed in which homeowner can decorate with colorful modern paintings. It has a sizable kitchen with a sitting lounge. The island of this kitchen can be used as breakfast bar. There is a moderate size master bedroom with en suite and several other rooms. The most important is that the house has a study room.

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