19+ Best Patio Makeover Ideas With Low Budget and Do It Your Self

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It is a waste to have a patio space, but not using it for its intended job. Some homeowners might feel that patio makeover might not be useful. They argue that it is not necessary to add financial burden to the house. However, the following ideas are definitely on the cheaper side of spectrum. Moreover, homeowner can squash down the expenses by making this makeover project a DIY one.

The first idea would be to emulate the beach feeling. It is done by installing bamboo seats. That will make a nice space to be spent sitting down and chatting with your friends and family. Some tropical plants inside pots can be installed surrounding this small space. The DIY comes in the form of bright colored cushions. It is recommended to use yellow, white, and pink color scheme to it.

If you have unused space under the pergola, this patio makeover project might be suitable. Underneath the shade, it is possible to add semi outside dining room. The chairs can be painted in light shades such as sky blue or white. Flower arrangements can be made by using flowers grown in the garden to make the space even lovelier.

Another idea to make the patio more interesting would be to install nightlights around its perimeter. The light nuance chosen should provide warmth to the entire space. Homeowners who are feeling a little crafty can actually learn to make DIY hanging lamps to be installed in the patio too. That would make the whole room looking more unique.

Campfire is also another thing to apply to the patio makeover. Homeowner can build fire pit using bricks and concrete. The fire pit can be in any kind of shape. It would look nice to have some chairs installed surrounding it. This patio should be located a little further from main house for safety reason.

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