20+ Amazing Small Backyard Inspirations

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You might have a fireplace built to incorporate your massive screen TV. You may opt to make your outdoor fireplace part of your outdoor kitchen area. Due to safety problems, outdoor fireplaces must be installed by a proficient and built according to your own regional building regulations.

Because of safety issues and the importance of choosing the proper size and place for your fire pit, they should only be installed by an expert landscaping contractor. Outdoor masonry fireplaces made out of brick supply a traditional look.

Be certain to contemplate how you’ll fuel your chimney. You also should ensure that your fireplace is in a place where the surrounding landscape allows drainage once it rains. Gas fireplaces very similar to this one let you spread out the fire a bit. An outdoor gas fireplace may need a gas fuel line but it doesn’t need a chimney and this might help you save a little cash as it may use a more compact gas or vent pipe.

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