24+ Amazing Small Master Bathroom Design Ideas For Renovation Inspiration

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In some occasions, people pay less attention to the bathroom design. They think bathroom does not need specific design or concept. In fact, it is still necessary to apply certain design idea. In this case, there are many kinds of designs to pick. One of possible options is master bathroom design. This will be suitable especially for houses with large bathroom.

Master bathroom concept is good to pick. This type of design always successfully impresses people because the concept can always make the bathroom more comfortable and interesting. In this case, one of master bathroom ideas is combination between Scandinavian design and boho style. These two create good decoration since bathroom is turned artistic, especially with wooden cabinetry. The space also has large mirror. In addition, it is designed in unique decor of the deer head above the mirror. This style surely looks attractive.

Then, there is a luxurious master bathroom design which looks so artistic, even it can be said the bathroom is decorated as if it is a museum. For the flooring, it actually has the concept of black and white. However, the tiles are arranged as if they are randomly placed. Then, it has a bathtub with classical look. Even, there is statue above the knobs and shower handle. Furthermore, it has two sinks on both sides of tub. The combination of elements gives the extravagant and luxurious look of master bathroom.

When these are not enough, there are still other design ideas. As for the next recommendation, there is bathroom made of bamboo. People can find domination of bamboo in its interior as the wall and ceiling are made of bamboo. These give natural vibe. In order to make it perfect, the bathtub is made of wood. It is surely out of the box since it is quite rare to find bamboos for the bathroom. Due to its impressive interior, it can be good reference of master bathroom ideas.

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