25 Admirable Stock Tank Swimming Pool Design Ideas

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Most homeowners are hesitant about building swimming pool in their house, even if they have spare space. The reason is mainly economical, because creating a pool is not exactly cheap. Stock tank might become a great alternative if you are interested in cheaper pool alternative. This tank is commonly found in farm to store drinking water and food. There are some swimming pool design ideas that would make this simple galvanic bucket becoming a great relaxing spot.

The first idea for this metal tank swimming pool design is creating a tropical hideout at the backyard. Homeowner can build a deck and place the stock tank on top of it. To make the vibe more tropical, small palm trees can be grown surrounding the deck. It is also recommended to add lounge chair to the space for sunbathing. Small bar with cooler to keep your cold drinks can be added too. Adding torch lights at the corners of this deck is also a great idea since that will provide illumination during the night.

The next swimming pool design worth trying out is bathhouse under the pergola. In this particular design, the stock tank is installed into the ground. Inside the tank, a wooden bench is placed so that homeowners can enjoy sitting down on the pool while soaking. A water heater is added to control water temperature inside the tank. The pergola where this pool is installed, nightlights are hung gracefully to provide warm lighting around the area.

If you prefer more natural setup for the stock tank pool, this one design might suit your house better. In this design, the tank is placed in the middle of garden. The garden has various plants such as flowers and even vegetable. To prevent slipping, the tank is placed on top of graveled ground. It is one of swimming pool design ideas great for family house.

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