28 Easy Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas For Beginner Ideas

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If you are a beginner in the world of vegetable garden, it may be confusing to decide how to lay it out at first. This is a common dilemma that people faced annually because there are so many different options and ways to arrange the space’s structure. To decide the perfect arrangement, you need to consider some things in prior. What is the goal of you garden? Do you also care about the aesthetic part beside the production aspect? Do you take interest to produce the most possible result out of it? After contemplating the answer to these questions, only then you can choose the best option from the ideas on the internet or other sources.

Besides considering your personal aim for vegetable garden, there are also some important conditions to take into consideration, for instances how rich the nutrient in your soil? You may know its composition by running a soil test, so you can gather information about what the soil needs from the result. Also, how much sunshine your garden will receive? If it’s not enough, you might incorporate patio or deck to put the plants’ container in order to get more sun. Other things are the water source, moisture level, and climate condition.

There are six basic vegetable garden layout ideas to incorporate into your own. The most common one is rows, in which you lay the plants in straight row design, from north to south. The design will allow all the plants get equal sunshine and water distribution. Second type is the four-square. It can be achieved by dividing garden into four rectangle parts to differentiate different vegetable species with different nutrients needs. The third is the square foot, where you have to divide the space into 16 part in 4×4 grids, and divide the squares by wood or strings.

Next vegetable garden layout plan is the block style, which mostly used to suppress weeds by eliminating unnecessary walkways. The vegetables are planted rectangular blocks, hence the name. Another option you can choose is vertical set up. It is designed for people with limited unoccupied land space. The plants should be stacked vertically. It is a popular arrangement for plants like potato. The last idea you might like to integrate is the raised bed. This layout is also meant to be used by people who have small garden space. All available space can be utilized, horizontally or vertically.

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