37+ Best And Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

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Kitchen becomes one of important parts in the house. That’s why this space is always planned and decorated properly to give comfort for those who are going to cook. In decorating the kitchen, there are many designs to choose, and minimalist kitchen design is the popular one. This design is quite popular since it shows the sleek and simple concept. As for references, there are some nice design ideas to see.

Firstly, there is nice kitchen dominated in white. The white color shows simplicity of kitchen. At the same time, it gives the clean vibe, so it looks so comfortable. In this case, the main part of kitchen can be found in its white cabinetry. Then, the accent of simplicity is also strengthened by the backsplash and countertop. There is marble material to use. It gives the luxury and sturdy look. This simple white kitchen can be one of the best kitchen ideas.

The next minimalist kitchen design shows the nice combination. Well, both kitchen and dining room are located in the same spot, and it seems the space serves for these two functions. In term of design, it looks simple and has combination of white and dark brown color. However, the interesting part is in the dining furniture. There is island with glass top that works as the dining table. Then, there are some chairs around the island. In this case, the attractive part is on the chairs. All of them are in blue tone which shows the great contrast since the space is actually dominated by white.

These two design ideas can give reference of how to bring the minimalist concept. Actually, the design should be luxurious. It can be made simple by having less furniture and fewer appliances in the kitchen. Playing with color is a good way to create the best kitchen with minimalist design.

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