40+ Amazing Plants Cold Box Garden Ideas

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A number of decades back, throughout the countryside of Bulgaria, I discovered just how strikingly similar the landscape was to that of central Virginia. Additionally, I discovered that almost every home needed a garden plot, a grape arbor, and a cold period of some type. It made me understand just how early and universal that the custom of using cold frames is.

A cold stage is a very simple structure that uses solar power and insulating material to make a microclimate in your garden. For all those who have chosen and consumed a salad of fresh greens in February or consume flowers booming well beyond frost, you understand that the allure of using cold frames. You also know how easy they are to create and use.

Though we have a greenhouse on the farm, space is consistently restricted, therefore we rely greatly, particularly in spring and fall, on our cold frames to overwinter plantsand expand the growing season, start seeds, and harden off plants.

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Alice Carol