42 Best And Most Amazing Luxurious Tiny Houses Design Ever Been

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The awareness to live minimalist as simple as possible due to limited resources is getting well spread. In the past, people are more hell bent on getting larger size houses and it caused sharp price spike in property. Nowadays, though, people are more inspired to live “tiny”. To those who are interested in this new lifestyle, there are some cool tiny houses design options to try. The designs are interesting and unlike common style houses.

The first one is a tree house style structure. It is built obscured by tall tree. In order to get onto the house, you need to take the stairs. There is an open deck on one side of the house which is used as second lounge area. The main house consists of mainly open space with few partitions. It has one bathroom, a fully functional kitchen slash dining space, and a bed that can accommodate two people. Unlike many other designs, this house is one storey house.

Another tiny houses design example to try out is a cabin style house. This house is surrounded by open lawn space where homeowner can grow vegetable and decorative plants around the space. It has split floor system with the second floor is used mainly as sleeping space. The sleeping loft is accessible through a ladder. Meanwhile the first floor is where daily activities are conducted. There is a large sitting area, bathroom, and kitchen. This house might be more suitable for younger people due to the access for sleeping loft.

There is one more design which is friendlier toward elderly. It still has split floor system. However, since the roof is elevated, homeowner will get more headspace to stand up fully on the sleeping loft. Instead of using ladder, the room is accessible by a staircase. Beneath the sleeping loft, this tiny houses design has a comfy lounge which can be converted into sleeping space for guests. A sizable kitchen can be found in there too.

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