45 French Country Living Room Design Ideas

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If you are interested in exploring new home decor, maybe you can apply European style, especially France. The combination of Mediterranean style which creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere is his trademark. Architectural models and decorations are also quite easy to create in your home. Vintage shades of excellence, usually applied to luxury and classic furniture. If you like antiques, French-style ornaments can be an option for rearranging your dwelling. A mixture of old and new traditional designs that are balanced with modern designs always look chic and stylish, like their fashion tastes.

To design French-style decorations, the thing to remember is not to buy too many items or furniture from this country, dubbed Fashion City. Why? Because some of the decorations you can create yourself. Here is an interesting inspiration for you:

1. Old furniture
Old furniture can bring a French feel to your home. The older the age of an object, the more it will look good, because it has value and beauty that is worth maintaining. Start by collecting simple antique equipment such as teapots, plates, glasses, and cupboards. These vintage items will give a special charm to your home

2. Use of Stairs
Typically, French-style decorations use the stairs as a liaison between the floors. Many French people prefer to walk on the stairs, rather than having to pass the escalator. However, the use of stairs is not just left plain. These stairs also get a touch of decoration that is so beautiful with carvings and so forth.

3. Decorative plants
So that every corner of the room feels fresh, you can put some ornamental plants and cut flowers as accessories. In general, people in France love plants especially those that flower. On the home page, you can plant several fruit trees to increase the appeal of the French style.

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