60 Best Bathroom Bathtub Remodel Ideas

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People use bathtub as a spot to unwind at the end of long days. Wouldn’t it be very relaxing to spend time soaking in warm water surrounded by your favorite scent? If you are not satisfied with your current bathtub, you can definitely apply few popular bathtub remodel ideas. If you love doing other activities while enjoying warm bath, you can install a tray on your bathtub. Nowadays, many vendors sell it but you can also make one on your own. This tray will be able to hold your stuff while bathing. You can watch movie on your laptop or even enjoying snacks and wine while relaxing. That would be very enjoyable.

If your bathroom is a free standing one and you think it looks too boring, you can add something to make it look like new again. A bathtub remodel process involves framing a simple white tub with tubular metal frame. It incites some sort of industrial feeling in your bathroom. Not to mention that your bathroom will look infinitely more elegant after such addition. The metal can be painted in bronze color or rose gold depending on your taste and the whole vibe of your bathroom. You can even swipe your old faucet with something that matches this frame addition.

Homeowners who are not on certain budget can take the luxurious route of bathroom remodel ideas. You can install a marble-made platform to place your freestanding tub. Such platform is great, especially if you have wooden floor installed in your bathroom. This platform will protect it from splashing water. Not to mention that marble is an expensive material that will bring out the elegance in your room. If you choose white marble, you can paint the outside of your tub with black in order to introduce contrast. Marble can be a little slippery so you can add a mat beside your tub.

You can always expand your simple bathtub to something akin to mini pool if you have enough money and room. Some homeowners take the infinity pool concept and apply it to their bathtub. An example of that is by extending the bathtub right to the glass divider of one’s shower room. Of course, you need strong glass material for this but it can be arranged easily. This bathroom remodel process is definitely labor intensive. But you will get a tub that no one can compare here. It will be a nice place to enjoy leisure.

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