64+ Amazing Privacy Fence for Patio & Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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Backyard landscaping adds more valuable space so that the functionality of your home is not about the indoor, but the outdoor area as well. When it comes to the backyard fence, it means that you want to add a little privacy. It is nice when you can enjoy the warm temperatures in your backyard with no much exposure to the sunray or the vacant stares from the passersby.

The first thing to add is about wood fences. It is a practical choice to complete your outdoor. There are many choices of wood to go from dark to light or from one to other styles. Fencing is more than just to add privacy to the backyard. It is also the best way to add a decorative thing in your backyard landscape. A wood fence is also a nice choice because it is affordable, even it is least expensive than others. Also, it requires routine maintenance. If you can construct it properly, the fence will be durable.

Alternatively, you can try for a living fence. This is all about using plant materials. Also, you have to create a solid plan about height and the length of the plan. But, of course, it needs maintenance so you need to invest some money for that. It takes time to establish a well-planned hedgerow.

What about the bamboo fence? It gives you an exotic look because it can create a tropical touch to space. It is also naturally beautiful that will add privacy. Also, bamboo can grow tall that will shield your hideaway. But, of course, it is important to take care of it. It is invasive so you need to plant it in beds or in containers with barriers.

Other than that, you can try for the folding screen as one of your backyard landscaping ideas. Having a large yard is great that you can add a patio with shrubs and trees. After that, use a simple structure to anchor your furniture.

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